Unwavering: Marvin House 11/23/15

GZCL Method: Cycle 2-week 4: Squats
Weighed in around 236 lbs — Eating around 3000 calories/day in an effort to maintain my weight. Not tracking. I don’t stress over it. Eat to live not live to eat.
Limber 11 after waking
Warm up: abs, hips, upper back were priorities
Back squat (w/ belt): worked up to 485×4 reps (PR) @ 9 RPE on the last rep. Video below. Two down sets with 275 for 8-10 reps
Assistance: Leg ext:3 sets, lat pulldowns: 4 sets, band pull aparts: 5 sets, BW: glute bridges: 4 sets — All was brief and easy as we are training three days in a row because of Thanksgiving
Training time: 80 minutes
Mood: 7 out of 10 (1 – despondency, 10 – elation)
Stress: 4 out of 10 – general work stress and graduate applications. 4 as a recent average
Sleep (night of 11/22): roughly 7.5 hours
Notes: Pretty solid day. On the 4 week of the cycle in GZCL, you take your training max for an AMRAP set. ¬†Last cycle I hit 475×4, so I wanted to at least match that number of reps. Final rep of working set was a tough one but I am happy with how my technique
Snippet of food – povertysteak and soggy broccoli

Song of the day: Lesser Life’s Anticosmic Inovcation
More details to come about me and my goals. Just trying to get some stuff cooking up here.

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