Unwavering: Marvin House 11/25/15-11/30/15

GZCL Cycle 2 Week 4 highlights:

Bench: 295×4 – Missed the 5th one in the mid range.

Deadlift: 545x5x1 Certainly the most volume I’ve done this close to 90%

OHP: 200×5 – Very shaky/unstable but I’ll take it.

Conditioning on Saturday.

Assistance for the week wasn’t too hard but enough volume to be effective.

Mood: 7/10

Sleep: 8/10 – ZMA.

BW: 238lbs

Misc: A really good week overall in the gym.  Slept well. Ate plenty with Thanksgiving and all.  Planning at competing in the USPA meet in March – details below.

My current PR total is 1412 in the 242 weight class with knee wraps. I know that I can break that total in March.



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